Waifu Shirt: Siren

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Color: Turquoise

Waifu Shirt - Siren

  • 90% Cotton 10% Polyester
  • Shirt Colors: Turquoise
  • Unisex Sizing
  • Size Range: Small - 6XL
  • Artist: @Dat_YunYang

Customer Reviews

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Igors Polakovs
Love it!

Good quality fabric nice for touch cool print!

Javid p.
He loves it!

Got this as a freebie during a Christmas sale, my little brother loves it! Sus is comfy and stretchy and feels good on the skin. Not scratchy or stiff.

Waifu Shirt (Mermaid mode) - honestly a vibe

Some background on this: I had originally wanted to just buy a waifu cup for Ironic Purposes, but to use Affirm for checkout, I did have to add another item. This shirt happened to have a cute graphic on it, and f**k it why not, it brings my total up to the right place. I didn't even properly examine the image!

TLDR: VERY NICE SHIRT, slaps so hard, would buy 18 more if I had the money to

And I gotta say I'm actually genuinely so impressed by the QUALITY OF THIS SHIRT?????? Most branded shirts I've gotten from anywhere have been rough, scratchy, and the graphic is ripped or broken so quickly due to it being something like an iron-on patch- kinda cheap, yk?
I'm a little on the neurodivergent side of things so textures are important to me- and this shirt is sooooo nice. It's perfect!!!! It's that comfy sports shirt texture, where it's stretchy, airy, and soft to the touch.
I could wear it in any weather and not be stressed or sweating (i live in an near-desert-environment), I got a size larger than my actual size cause I like big clothes and it feels so comfy it's like wearing nothing.

The art is so solid too, and made it through a washer run with NO visible change; we're big mermaid fans in my house and it's literally so cute whenever I showed my partner they squeaked in delight!!! (They were worried it would match my up-skirt gamersupps bottle LOL)
Even though there's big tiddie on the front, tbh, could still wear it in public without hearing any shit. Good content, thank u for shirt!

Christopher Harper
Great little bonus

I got this as a free add-on with my order, and it is incredibly comfortable, it's soft, stretchy, and breathes nicely. It's got me considering buying another shirt if I find a design that I like.

Love mermaids

Im a big big mermaid fan i love this shirt! Wish it was in black tho but i looooove this shirt alot!