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GG® by Gamer Supps® Reviews

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Good Product


They were so yummy, they made me feel great and got me so hyped for the whole day!

Insane Gamer Material

Worth a buy

Great substitute

It completely replaces my consumption for by coffee and energy drinks. And also has a great taste.

10/10 Energy

I recently got 3 free Gamer Supps packets and overall the product is amazing. The flavors are great and there isn't an energy crash. It's exactly what I was looking for and I heard about it on a youtube video!!!! all in all, 10/10 experience I will be an avid customer


flavor bomb. flavor bomb. flavor bomb. whats left to say?


I love the cup with its cool design, and I just love all the flavors!


The samples were amazing, tasted incredible, long lasting energy and didn't leave a chalky feeling in my mouth! Would buy.

Dare Rising Shaker

Excellent condition. Shipping was much faster then I thought!

Amazing and not chalky

It tastes amazing and blends very well. The powder after shaken doesn’t sink back down to the bottom and is not chalky. Other brands always hurt my throat because they are so chalky. Thank you!!!! Use code -misfits-

I never fucking received my shit


I drink supps instead of coffee now


Taste really good and keeps me up in the morning


I enjoyed it but I wish it had been 4 different flavors instead of 2 flavors. Especially because then if I had not liked either of those but would of liked another... Well just higher chance of having a flavor I (or others) like if you send all different flavors.

Great taste and lots of energy

I was concerned these would not taste great but they are perfect. And lots of energy packed in these little packages. My pack was missing the orange packs so I didn't get to try that like I wanted.


tasted overall really well and i enjoyed it


This was one of the best nootropics I have ever taken. It has the perfect amount of caffeine as well! I've replaced my morning coffee completely

Very good Product!

Very good and well produced product. Always gives me the competitive edge on the game

Great surprising flavor

The açaí blueberry and dragon fruit punch where amazing! The flavor was nice and sweet, and you couldn’t tell that it was just a flavor packet. great non chalky taste!

Better than gfuel 100%

The boys (misfits) were right it really is a better consistency. Once you get down to the end of your drink you are not left with a chalky mess. I’ve enjoyed both my Dragon fruit packets already and am looking forward to trying the Acai BlueBerry. Will for sure be picking up a tub of dragon fruit soon.

Good stuff

Very nice flavors without being chalky

Not bad

It was alright


I loved the sample pack you guys sent me! It was extremely good. I plan on ordering a tub with my brother’s code soon! Thank you!!!


I was pleasantly surprised by how potent and tasty the sample drinks were and plan to buy more in the near future. Shoutout to the Misfits. :D

pretty good


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