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Great First Flavor

First time buyer and this flavor was so good. Definitely gonna try other ones and get more of this one.

Exactly As Advertised

I've personally never been one for tea, but this pomegranate tea flavor may have changed me so that I'll have to try tea again. It's absolutely delicious.

Really good

First time trying this flavor and really didn't disappoint.its super good recommend you to try it.

Awesome Flavor!

To me it tastes like a lite refreshing glass of pomegranate juice. Also the artwork on the tub itself, absolutely beautiful!

Raw Meat - 100 Servings
Dominique Anderson
So amazing!

First time trying this company and it was recommenced from a friend. Amazing, delicious and completely worth every penny!

Its alright

Its a good flavor, not what I was expecting. It’s thicker than some others powder wise but I still use it quite often

Great and refreshing flavor!

I love this flavor, it's super refreshing and reminds me of a drink I would sip by the pool!

GOOD - 100 Servings
Harrison Heberling
pretty good

Solid but I prefer the taste of black cherry

One of the best cups they released

Love the art and design, very very happy with it

Taste like Good but less sweet

It's quite literally Good but with a little less flavor, do what you will with that information. Big fan of silvervale though so love to support her

Good products

Pretty good stuff

Just what I was looking for

Need a shirt for my wife to wear when she wanted to have a lazy day and this is what I found. It is soft and she liked it so a win win.

10/10 would recommend, gave me a six pack

Genuinely the best flavour I've tried sweet but not too sweet. I got this before even realizing this flavour was from Bricky. So if you tried the Lychee flavour but found it too sweet, this one definitely would be up your alley.

GOOD - 100 Servings
Jacinda Griffith

Absolutely love this flavor 😋. Taste identical to a Cherry Slushy. 10 out of 10 for taste.

Brand Risk - 100 Servings
Danielle Wilson
Amazing flavor

It is one of the most satisfying and refreshing flavor I've had.

A Fast Favorite!!

This flavour is quickly becoming 1 of my favorites. The slightly sour taste is very refreshing. If you loves cherry flavour this is the one to get hands down. I will definitly be back for more.


I’m not usually a fan of lime drinks but I really like it.

Very nice

Very nice, but it is very intens in flavour, which is nice, but just add a little less than what is sugested

Surprising no one

It's delicious. I have shitty water where I live and this makes it palatable and it lasts quite a while. Not to mention the caffeine-free version means I don't give myself an anxiety attack while staying hydrated.

Gamer Fart 9000 Bester Energy Drink

Mein erster Energy Drink von Gamer Subs und er ist der beste! ❤️

Womp Womp

Womp Womp, the best drink ever!!


Pretty gas sherbet type flavor

Gamer supps flavors

Pretty good overall, always a choice for everyone


Of all of the Lime-esq flavors I've tried, I think this one is the Limey-est. Not in a bad way either. If I want something heavier on the sour-side I go for this, its delicious!

Love me Some Pomegranate

My only point of sadness was when this came out I couldn't get the caffeine version.

Delicious Pomegranate Tea, flavor isn't too subtle neither is it too strong. Yum