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Another good one

Got it to try. Not my favorite flavor but still pretty damn good.

Love it!!!

Taste great and really helps jumpstart my mornings at work with no crash! Will be ordering more soon!!

Fuckin good

I liked it ALOT. Good stuff and a normal daily energy boost for me.

Great product

The delivery was quite slow to Australia (Although this may be due to Australia Post) but the product is definitely worth the wait.

Great product

Tastes great and gives a really good boost of energy. Heard about it on the Cold Ones podcast with Anything4Views and Maxmoefoe and also on the Misfits podcast who are some of my favorite content creators so I thought I’d give it a try and definitely wasn’t disappointed. I just ordered a thing of the watermelon ice flavor and I’m excited to try it out!!

Truly Delicious

I loved the watermelon ice flavor. To be fair i thought that i wouldnt like it, but it was SO worth it.


Hands down one of the BEST zero sugar energy drinks I've ever had. Intense focus, sustained energy, and great flavor!

Was quite good

It was good, i think it’s nice, i’ve expected a shorter delivery but expect that its awesome!

Amazing stuff

Great tasting and no crash afterwords love this stuff

Very good.

Taste is very good.

Good way to test it.

I ordered this just to see if it was good. Ended up ordering 2 tubs of the stuff. Enough said.


I bought it because TheGodlyNoob and I don’t regret it. It tastes so good and refreshing!

Drink Review

The shaker cup that came with the bundle is solid and doesn’t leak at all, which is great. The dragonfruit punch is my favourite of the 3 flavours that came with the sample package, with the blueberry açai coming in a close second. The orange flavour tasted a little too artificial but then again orange is hard to make natural tasting. All in all really solid product, and will probably order again.

Best drink

This was the best drink easy to make and he shaker was perfect didn’t leak or when I was shaking it no spills 10/10 product

Not Quite

I was looking forward to this flavor after starting with the Watermelon Ice, its OK, but sadly not as good as I was hoping. This is more strawberry banana and if is had to say, more banana than strawberry to me, and if i had known that, i would have skipped it. I was wanting a full flavored strawberry flavor and this was not it, it still tastes good but if you want all strawberry, dont bother.

Hey, Sorry the strawberry wasn’t what you expected, The flavoring is designed to be as close to a pink starburst which is different than traditional strawberry flavors. If you are terribly disappointed please email us with your order number a two “

Delicious! Helps give you energy and helps you focus! Love this stuff

Favorite flavor yet

Tastes exactly like green apple bubble gum I had as a kid. Try it mixed with sparking water, or lemonade!


I never had a drink that actually gave me energy to finish my work I’ve tried almost every energy drink and this by far is the best 11/10


This is just one of my favorites!

It was great taste good and it gave me energy so i could keep gaming

GG Good Enough For Me

Good product, strong flavor reminds me of pre-workout.

great quality shaker cup love the design

Best way to wake up!

This has been my replacement for sodas and other sugary drinks. The dragon fruit is the best flavor. I can’t wait to get my next GG supps in the mail. The fast delivery is absolutely the best!


Its a lighter taste that is closer to flavored water vs an energy drink. Two scoops in a 20 oz bottle should be the meta.

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