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The fact that these are totally free blows my mind!

Had pretty low expectations seeing as free samples are normally not the best. But in my new experience Its great! I am used to the "energy drink flavor" and put myself in the mindset that if you want energy you get that "flavor" but this packet totally remade that for me. Would 100% recommend!

Surprisingly Tasty and Not Overwhelming

Considering these are sugar free, I kind of expected these to taste... well not the best. I'm so happy to have been proven wrong. The samples I tried were really good, and more importantly, didn't make my heart race like an energy drink. I didn't get too much of a chance to test out how well they improved my focus, but I'm more than happy to buy more now and find out.

Free GG Samples
Absolutely delicious!

The samples I tried were fantastic. I didn’t have super high hopes going into it but I was hooked from the first sip. Sugar free but not artificial tasting at all. Will definitely be buying more in the future!

Free GG Samples
Joshua Jorgensen

This is 100% my go to drink from now on!

Free GG Samples
Justin Wooten
Better than expected.

I'm not gonna lie, the marketing of the products themselves was kind of a turn off. I mean, calling it breast milk? Nevertheless, I did actually enjoy the taste of all my free samples quite a bit, and the experience was pleasant, much better than similar drink enhancing products I've purchased from retail box stores like Walmart.


All the flavors i got were great and once shaken it doesnt settle or need to be shaken unlike some other brands. Very good


I was interested in the waifu cups but didn't want to go to work drinking from a shaker with tits on it, so having a more generic alternative is great. Pretty cool design too, bought a Gfuel shaker once and that thing was really boring looking so this design is refreshing.

Epic stuff

Reminds me of the horrible crimes Schlatt committed back in '99. He really didn't have to be so violent but at the same time it's impressive how quickly human skin can burn. Anyhow great flavor

Free GG Samples
Good, depending on the flavor.

These free samples I got were great, except the blackberry original. The two themed flavors I got were shocking good, and I saved the original for last and it was unfortunately of significant less quality than the others. If those flavors are brought up to the same standards as the newer flavors, it would be 10/10.

Free GG Samples
Leonardo Muscas
Good product

The samples i received were great, maybe a bit too sweet for my taste, but overall they were good.

Free GG Samples
Nathan Serrano

really great selection of samples to try for free and each of them is unique and flavorful. They don’t taste like powder like some other energy flavorings

Collectable Shylily Waifu Coin

Nice little promo collectable.

Good quality cup with cute art, And good sample size to try some of the drinks.

Nice Smile

Brand Risk tastes pretty dang delicious and you can tell the artwork has a VERY nice smile.
Taste: 9.2/10
Quality/amount: 10/10

Free GG Samples
Kirsty Emmett

Really good

Shylily Double Date Sweat Pants

Fits well, is comfy and warm.

Shylily Double Date Hoodie

Fits well, is comfy and warm.

Yummy yummy in my tummy

It is amazing, I was expecting some of the flavours to be a joke and not that great, but out the of the ones I have tried they have all been very good.👍

Flavours were amazing!

Never had energy drinks before so I wasn't sure how I would like these. After getting my samples, I can definitely say I will be getting full tubs sometime!

Lean - 100 Servings
Alexander Garrant
Solid drink

Tastes pretty good

Caffeine addiction

There is absolutely nothing better then pounding 40oz of this and getting a 500mg caffeine hit. "Don't try this at home I am a professional" ps.. will dye your poo green you don't have a health problem.

Free GG Samples

Absolutely amazing flavours! so glad I decided to try and will definitely be buying the actual pots and not the samples

Free GG Samples
Weiner man
Luv it

Love it

Free GG Samples
Jock Higgins

It's pretty good