Why Gamer Tea?

At Gamer Supps, we truly appreciate the essence of quality, evident in our GG Energy Supplements as well as the latest addition to our lineup, Gamer Tea. While some might view it as just another typical box of tea with an eye-catching Waifu slapped on the packaging, we've invested meticulous attention to detail in curating not only the exceptional blends we presently provide but also in handpicking premium ingredients that set each blend apart from any other tea available. Through our rigorous testing and extensive research, we are confident that Gamer Tea, much like us, will seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, becoming a cherished staple.


  • Black Tea - Our premium black tea is crafted using only the highest quality tea leaves, providing a steady energy boost with every sip. With antioxidant effects, our blend boasts a smooth and delicate flavor that will keep you going and ready for anything the day brings!
  • Yerba Mate - Our sensational blend of Yerba Mate Tea and Zesty Lemon bursts with bold, earthy flavors and a tangy twist that will elevate your mood and rejuvenate your spirit! Ignite your energy and conquer each day with rejuvenated vigor.
  • Ginger Turmeric - Promoting good gut health, our carefully crafted blend of Ginger Turmeric can be incorperatred into your daily routine, bringing a natural boost in energy and vitality to help you avoid any fatigue that may come between you and your goals!
  • Sleepytime with Theanine- Although we produce the best energy formula in the industy, we understand the importance a quality rest provides to your health. Unlike the majority of "Sleepytime" Blends, rather than using melatonin, we have combined our soothing blend of lavender, organic lemon, peppermint, and natural vanilla with L-theanine, an amino acid found with in our GG Energy known to help reduce crashes and jitters commonly associated with caffeinated beverages, is well known to relieve stress, improve mood, and help maintain normal sleep.

What is Gamer Tea?

Gamer Tea is a new take on a timeless classic. Featuring 4 Blends all unique in their own, with some industry leading changes to further the age old tradition! Whether you are an avid tea connoisseur or love to try something new, Gamer Tea has something special to offer for everyone. Our carefully crafted blends are designed to not only tantalize your taste buds but also provide the perfect energy boost or nightly relaxation. With a blend for every palate Gamer Tea is here to revolutionize your daily ritual. Experience Gamer Tea, where tradition meets innovation!