Skater Girl Fingerboard

Skater Girl Fingerboard

  • Exclusive Waifu Cups S5.12 Skater Girl Fingerboard is a one-time collectible limited quantity item
  • After the Fingerboard is sold out it will NEVER be released again!
  • Width: 29mm
  • Length: 91mm
  • Includes Fingerboard, Foam Griptape, Trucks, Bearing Wheels, and Mini Tool
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Benjamin Lucas
    Skater girl finger board

    I can't finger board for shit

    Decent fingerboard

    I thought the “grip tape” part would be actually grip tape but it’s foam. Other than that it’s great fingerboard. Decal seems pretty fragile though mine arrived chipped.

    Kevin De Dios
    Skater girl merch rulez

    It's very simple but wasn't charged much shipping so that's good.
    One of their better designs for sure, the hot tan skater girls got a spot on my shelf.

    Big EzTz
    Adorable tech deck

    This thing is great. It's a really good little collectible and I feel like it really fits the character. I hope in the future they have other little things like this

    Wonderful Fingerboard

    Love the foam tape, and the print isnt half bad either! Amazing for the size.