Gamer Soups Instant Ramen - Variety Pack

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Gamer Soups Instant Ramen - Variety Pack (12 Cups)

Why Gamer Soups?

Gamer Soups is a new line of products by Gamer Supps designed to provide instant, easy snacks for everyone!

Instant, tasty ramen designed for gamers. Cheap and quick to prepare, our noodle soup is enhanced with added MSG to be deliciously satisfying... IT'S RAMEN!!!


ALLERGY WARNING: Contains Wheat, Soybean, and Sesame. Manufactured in a facility that also processes Egg, Milk, Peanut, Tree Nuts, Crustacean Shellfish, and Fish Products.

Customer Reviews

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Rae M
Would have been a 5 star but only 2 out of 3 is good.

chicken one is more spicy than the curry one and doesn't taste like chicken at all. It made my lips burn and I hate it, it tastes horrible. I couldn't taste anything else for a while. The beef one is good and the curry is good, it even better with sour cream mix in. The fork is a good idea but it's doesn't hold up heavy things. the noodles are good and the soup is ok but could be better. The cups are better than normal ramen cups. I would appreciate something in it, like tiny pieces of meat and veggies.

Madison Tucker
Average Flavor and Texture, but im here for the fork

So I was really excited for my variety pack that I purchased. After hearing all the hype, and it getting sold out several times, I was ready to eat some good ramen. It was pretty good. Wasn’t fantastic and honestly it kind of tasted like regular cup ramen in a nicer container. It was still really good, and I do love that you can buy a variety. It just seemed a little expensive to me. But I will say, the saving grace is that tiny fork it comes with. Love that little guy.

Zachary Toothman
Decent Cup Ramen

I was finally able to get the Gamer Soups Variety Pack and although it didn't have Vegetable, the Curry flavor being there instead was very interesting. I liked all three of the flavors, Curry, Beef, and Chicken but the only issue I find is that I would like if it was more than just the flavor packet like how some cup ramen has the little additions of vegetables and such. Shipping can also be quite expensive.

Christian Jeffries
Gamer soup

This is some really good ramen, I’m personally a big fan of the curry flavor. It’s a good quick and easy meal so you can get back on that gamer grind!!!!
(Not to mention the foldable fork inside!!!!)

Great snack

Great snack that you can make quickly and easy. Really surprised by how good it tasted. My favorite so far is the curry