AFK Razzz Berry Sorbet - 40 Servings

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AFK® is a Magnesium-focused Sleep Support Supplement, aiding your body's natural sleep cycle and production of melatonin. Embrace nights of uninterrupted rest and wake up feeling revitalized.*

Why AFK?

  • Magnesium for its potential in aiding the body's natural sleep cycle*
  • Apigenin for its potential sedative effects and promotion of the bodies release of melatonin.*
  • Non Habit Forming*
  • Keto Friendly
  • Zero Sugar
  • Melatonin Free
  • Servings 40 per tub
  • Cost only $0.75 per serving
  • Artist: @Casyn_ova

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 178 reviews
      Helps with sleep! Tastes okay, somewhat chalky

      This supplement helps with my sleep and I do get a better rest if I take it within an hour before going to bed. The only downside is that the taste for one scoop in 10oz of water is strong and chalky. I tried to dilute it with more water, and that helps make it taste better. I may try to mix with another caffeine free flavor to see if that helps any.

      Alexander Kunz
      Tastes nice

      Tastes nice and helps create an evening ritual before sleeping. Gets you in the mindset for sleeping

      Gerardo Sanchez

      I don't use this every night but I do notice a difference when I do use it. The flavor is nice and it's quite easy to set up right before heading to sleep. Would recommend

      Better sleep

      I use this on nights before my days off, it took some trial and error to get the portion right and the right amount of water to finish it before I fell asleep. It does get some good rest though and I'm working towards getting the timing and portions down. The flavor is just OK though, I hope they add other options for AFK.

      The taste is nice

      The taste is very good but it doesn’t seem to help me or my gf much unfortunately but is worth a try as an alternative sleep inhibitor for sure