Just Melon - 100 Servings

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GG® is the ultimate energy and focus formula designed to Level Up Your Gaming. The highest quality ingredients make up an energy formula that mixes completely and provides a healthier and more cost effective energy drink.

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Limited Edition Tub Artist: @luxeini

  • Keto Friendly for low-carb and ketogenic diets
  • <1 Calorie for healthier consumption
  • Nootropics for a calmer focus
  • Zero Sugar for a healthier intake and to avoid crashing
  • Caffeine to maximize energy and endurance
  • No Fillers for a better nutritional value
  • Five of the body’s most crucial vitamins and minerals
  • Servings 100 per tub
  • Cost only $0.40 per serving

Customer Reviews

Based on 131 reviews
Riley Flaherty
It's just melon alright

This is the best melon tasting drink I've ever had. I've shared it with my coworkers, and they agree!

Jasmin Schreiber

Super fruity and sweet. Almost too much. Love it!

Candice McCasland

I was unsure about the flavoring of this based on just the name and previous reviews. But I am glad I chose it, as you might guess from the coloring of the package, it was a Honeydew (green melon) flavor. It reminded me of the Melon flavored Japanese Soda Ramune.

Archie Pike
Pretty good

it was good, sadly i was already feeling ill when i tried it so wasnt the best but i shal try it again somepoint soon

Joseph E.C.
Melon is too good

Taste like melon