GG Partnership text with GG Energy tubs


Our goal with every sponsorship is a longterm and mutually beneficial ongoing relationship. We do not want you to ever change your style of content creation or feel any limitations from us. All partners have a dedicated staff member with an open line of communication to facilitate promotion or correct any problems. Our priority is for YOU to succeed and we want to help you every step of the way.


There are many benefits to being a Gamer Supps partner! You will be able to engage and network with a fantastic group of Gamer Supps partners. You will be able to offer discounts to your fan base as well as be compensated for your hard work. There are exclusive merchandise / discord servers and so much more to help you grow as a content creator as well as represent the best brand in gaming energy!
YES! We take pride in working with content creators on all platforms; Instagram, twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, etc.! Just because you may not create live content does not exclude you from consideration with the GGarmy.
Yes! Although every partnership can differ the minimum requirements do still apply! All orgs / teams still need to file an application with us!
Applications may take up to 5 business days to be reviewed but ALL applications are thoroughly reviewed.
There is no “Set” number as there are a multitude of facets that we consider when reviewing applications.
No! Everyone’s content is different and we understand that the value of a content creator is not tied to the amount of hours streamed but the quality of the content.
There is not an affiliate program at this time but we have heard your request and are considering this is an option in the near future.
Every partnership we enter into is different but we do reward our partners for advertisement /sales depending on the reach of your content.


We are very excited that you want to work with us. We just need some basic information about you and what you will bring to the #GGArmy! This form is not a contract and is not legally binding. This information is simply for us to learn more about you and begin communications.