What is the GG Infantry program?

The GG Infantry program is for the everyone that loves Gamer Supps and wants to share it with their friends, families, and communities! Not everyone starts with a Full Partnership with Gamer Supps, so the Infantry is a starting place for the go getter’s, the people that want to put in the work and the effort! The Infantry program can not only get your foot in the door with Gamer Supps but also allows you the chance to join a group of dedicated, hardworking, and rapidly growing creators to network with as you build your own Brand!


After proving yourself in the Infantry by influencing others to buy GG you can move up to the Affiliate program with your own personal discount code. Here you can make real commissions on everything you sell and get rewards like discounted items for yourself!


Making it to the GG Army is not an easy feat! This program represents the best of the best when it comes to Gamer Supps! Here you have the best rewards: higher commissions on sales, free swag for yourself, trips to conventions and invites to private parties with top influencers!


The infantry works in a very simple way. We provide you with a code to share with your friends and communities to provide them with a discount on Gamer Supps. Every time that code gets used the code owner will receive store credit to Gamersupps.com.
Yes! At Gamer Supps our philosophy is simple. If you are team Gamer Supps we are on your team. We reward the Infantry Members that best represent our brand and truly put in the effort! We have 5 different tiers that you can progress through on your path to being a full blown Gamer Supps Partner.
Applications may take up to 5 business days to be reviewed but ALL applications are thoroughly reviewed.


We are very excited that you want to join the team. We just need some basic information about you and what you will bring to GG Infantry! This form is not a contract and is not legally binding. This information is simply for us to learn more about you and begin communications.