Guacamole Gamer Fart 9000 by RussianBadger - 100 Servings

Sale price$39.99

GG® is the ultimate energy and focus formula and The Official Energy Drink of Shitposting™️. The highest quality ingredients make up an energy formula that mixes completely and provides a healthier and more cost effective energy drink.  A strawberry-lime flavor developed to The Russian Badger's liking.

Try the Caffeine Free version here!

  • In Collaboration with @DARUSSIANBADGER
  • Keto Friendly for low-carb and ketogenic diets
  • Zero Calories for healthier consumption
  • Nootropics  for a calmer focus
  • Zero Sugar for a healthier intake and to avoid crashing
  • Organic Caffeine to maximize energy and endurance
  • No Fillers for a better nutritional value
  • Six of the body’s most crucial vitamins and minerals
  • Electrolytes for optimal hydration
  • Servings 100 per tub
  • Cost only $0.40 per serving

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6007 reviews
Zachary Parker
Best for focus

Love this stuff really good best for gaming onto the night and during the day

Bryan Marsh
Be still my beating heart

I have very little caffeine tolerance but find it really helps with my light autism. Supps helps alot because it doesn't cause alot of discomfort in my chest. But I would appreciate the flavors more if they were a bit stronger, I think they're a bit too subtle for the serving size.

Hayden Wiegman
Love this

I work nights and I bought this due to hearing about how this tastesand feels like an energy drink minus the crash. Man was I pleased I will continueto buy not only thus flavor but more along with the amazing bottle.

Phill Underwood
Recommend 100%

Nice flavor, no chalky taste, no lead. Wish there was BOGO sales every once and a while or even buy one, get one 50% off. Would buy lots more. Either way, still sticking with this brand.

Martin O Neill
very good

top quality